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黃俊銘 教授

  Jin-Ming Hwang  

聯絡方式:04-24730022 轉 12233









A. 期刊論文(SCIorSSCI)  
1 Hwang JM, Kuo SC, Lin CT, Kao ES. (2013) Inhibitory effect of liposome-encapsulated anthocyanin on melanogenesis in human melanocytes. Pharmaceutical Biology. In press
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3 Chien-Min Chen & Yi-Hsien Hsieh & Jin-Ming Hwang & Hsun-Jin Jan & Shu-Ching Hsieh & Shin-Huey Lin & Chung-Yu Lai. Fisetin suppresses ADAM9 expression and inhibits invasion of glioma cancer cells through increased phosphorylation of ERK1/2. Tumor Biol. (2015) 36:3407–3415
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C. 研討會論文  
1 The 2011 EASL Monothematic Conference. The 2011 EASL Monothematic Conference. 美國(2011)
2 文類乳癌細胞內蛋白激酵素C alpha 和轉錄因子的表現。第八屆美國癌症研究學會及日本癌症學會聯合年會會議:癌症基因體、癌症外基因體及新藥研發,美國(2010)